Bryan has produced both webseries and a number of comedy shorts. He's currently on The Executives, a house sketch team from the Magnet Theater. He's also studied improv and sketch comedy at both ImprovBoston and the Magnet Theater. Here are some of his credits:


20/400: Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Kevin & Jimmy's Guide To New York City: Director, Editor


The Executives (Magnet Theater): Writer, Video Produer

Character Bash (Magnet Theater): Performer

The Rebecca Robles Show (Magnet Theater): Video Producer, Performer

Jana & Lauren Presents (Magnet Theater): Performer

Kelly & Kate (Magnet Theater): Video Producer


Magnet Theater: Nick Kanellis, Chet Siegel, Peter McNerney, Elana Fishbein, Armando Diaz

ImprovBoston: Mike Descoteaux, Bryce Read, Geoff Ross, Raj Sivaraman



A series from Lauren Olson, Christian Paluck, and Jana Schmeiding that Bryan Produces, Films, and Edits.
Season 1
Season 2

Kevin and Jimmy's Guide To NYC

A series from Kevin Cobbs and Jimmy O'Connell that Bryan Directs, Films, and Edits.

Episodes here